November 01, 2022 1 min read

Commercial Ways to Clean Copper Jewelry

If making your own solution doesn’t appeal to you, then there are plenty of commercial copper cleaners available for purchase from the store. Brands like Brasso and Bar Keeper’s Friend are wonderful products to keep on hand in general.

Not only are these excellent when it comes to cleaning jewelry, but they are equally impressive when it comes to shining up doorknobs and various fixtures throughout the house. If using a commercial cleaner solution like Bar Keeper’s Friend, wet the items before using it.

Apply a small amount of the Bar Keeper’s Friend solution to a damp towel and clean the jewelry. Once done, rinse with warm water and buff dry with a polishing cloth.

Rinse and dry the jewelry. You can rinse copper jewelry with a clean cloth dampened with clean water. Then, dab the jewelry dry with a dry cloth. Copper may rust if it's left wet too long, so make sure to dry it thoroughly before setting it aside.

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